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The internship is an on-site professional experience in a mental health setting. Fifty (50) hours of psychological work are required for each credit unit of internship. These hours will be divided between the student’s off-campus internship site and Pathways to Change. The requirements include at least one hour per week of individual supervision provided by the site supervisor. Faculty supervision, including on-site visits, will be provided on a regular basis. The prerequisite for the internship is PSYC 566, Practicum in Counseling (see Practica). Though the student is responsible for locating an appropriate off-campus internship site, the School of Education and Psychology maintains a list of possibilities.  Previous interns have found placement at psychiatric centers, community mental health agencies, college counseling centers, public school clinics, juvenile detention centers, and prisons.  Placement decisions are based on the applicant's academic preparation, interpersonal skills, and other factors.  Because of this, placement cannot be guaranteed. 

Last update on September 21, 2015