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Young Writers' Program

Each year, the English department hosts the annual Young Writers' Contest and the Young Writers' Conference.

Young Writers' Contest: Every year we ask English and writing teachers to encourage their students to submit short stories and poems for our annual Young Writers' Contest. Poems and short stories are separated into freshman/sophomore and junior/senior divisions. In each division there are first through third place prizes for poems and stories. One entry is selected as the grand prize winner. The grand prize may be awarded for a poem or story and may be selected from either the freshman/sophomore or junior/senior divisions.


Young Writers' Conference: Every year, the Department of English or the Department of Communications and Languages hosts a conference to promote the love of writing among students and teachers. The emphases of the Department of English led conferences are poetry, the short story/narrative, and teaching young writers. The emphases of the Department of Communications and Languages conferences are media, drama, and culture. Students and teachers come for a weekend to enjoy writing workshops and to experience life on WWU’s campus. The conference is held the ninth weekend of winter quarter, which is usually the first or second weekend of March. The 2015 conference will have separate workshops for students and teachers. The workshops for teachers will examine approaches to teaching both creative and academic writing. The students workshops will focus on writing narrative poems.

Last update on December 1, 2015