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Young Writers' Contest

Every year we ask English and writing teachers to encourage their students to submit short stories and poems for our annual Young Writers' Contest. Poems and short stories are separated in to Freshman/Sophomore and Junior/Senior divisions. In each division there are 1st through 3rd place prizes for poems and stories. One entry is selected as the Grand Prize winner. The grand prize may be awarded for a poem or story and may be selected from either the Freshman/Sophomore or Junior/Senior division.

The submission deadline for the 2016 Young Writers' Contest is January 29, 2016. To be eligible for prizes students must be in 9th - 12th grade and attending NPUC academies and junior academies.

Contest Rules and Entry Form PDF

Submissions can submitted online through the Contest Entry Form or be sent to:

Young Writer's Contest
Department of English
204 S College Avenue
College Place, WA 99324

Winners of the 2015 Young Writers' Contest are:

Grand Prize:

Feather Weather– Freshman/Sophomore Poem                    

  Jamie Jansen               Gem State Academy  

Freshman/Sophomore Poetry

1st – Afghani December                  JB Lopez                      Tri-City Adventist School

2nd – Taking Steps                          Summer Davis              Upper Columbia Academy

3rd – Butterfly                                 Luke Irvine                    Tri-City Adventist School                             

Junior/Senior Poetry

1st – Eternity                                    Hailey Voth                   Gem State Academy              

2nd – To Simply Stand                     Amanda McCarter        Upper Columbia Academy    

3rd – Eternity                                   Tyler Warren                  Upper Columbia Academy    

Honorable Mention

You                                                  Chelsea Huggins           Livingstone Adventist Academy


Freshman/Sophomore Story

1st – A Battle Beyond the Grave      Hannah Miller               Gem State Academy  

2nd – Paper People                          Alieha Dryden              Portland Adventist Academy

3rd – The Journey                            Marissa Yarlott              Gem State Academy  

Honorable Mention

A Good Man                                    Caleb Bryan                  Tri-City Adventist School     


Junior/Senior Story

1st – What Love Does                      Chelsea Huggins           Livingstone Adventist Academy

2nd – Let’s Go                                  Hailey Voth                   Gem State Academy              

3rd – A Bear and His Boy                Elizabeth Bell                Gem State Academy

Honorable Mention

The Dream Machine                        Shaelyn Swensen          Puget Sound Adventist Academy


Notices of our 2016, Young Writers’ Contest will be distributed to principals and English teachers in NPUC academies and junior academies. We hope that this contest will inspire young writers.

Last update on August 4, 2016