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Think all you can do with an English degree is teach English? Each job below requires an English degree PLUS whatever is listed below it.

Minor in drama. Plan on obtaining a graduate degree if you desire to teach. Experience is essential.

Advertising Specialist
Statistics background, word processing skills, and a diverse knowledge base is a necessity. Internship is recommended.

Take a wide variety of humanities courses. Linguistics is recommended. A doctorate is a necessity.

Graduate degree in information sciences is required.Volunteer in libraries to gain experience.

Emphasis in composition. Develop computer skills.

Take a wide selection of history courses. Plan on obtaining at least a master's degree.

Biomedical Researcher
General lab experience is required. Analytical skills are necessary. Occasionally a short course to obtain a license is also required.

Minor in journalism. Internships are important.

Develop research skills.

Obtain certification for public/private school teaching. Take phase I and II courses (see WWU bulletin).

College Teacher
Obtain at least a master's degree. A doctorate is recommended. Gain writing experience.

Freelance Writer
Emphasis on writing courses.

Human Resource Coordinator
Take a wide variety of humanities. Good communication skills are essential.

Minor in journalism.

Law school admissions test.

Graduate degree in library and information sciences is required. Volunteer in libraries.

Take courses in foreign languages. Plan on obtaining at least a master's degree if you desire to teach.

Become an expert in a specific field of concern. Research and organizational skills are required.

Media Specialist
Minor in business. Be prepared to start at a low level job.

Short post-graduate training program is required.

Minor in drama.

Medical school admissions test. Minor in a science.

Public Relations Director
Master's degree is preferred. Corporate work experience is recommended.

Research Analyst
Minor in business. Gain work experience.

Technical Writer
Scientific background is required. Minor in scientific field is recommended.

Last update on December 1, 2015