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REU Programs

The Physics Department at WWU prefers that majors participate in an REU program at another location during the summer between their junior and senior years.

Research Experiences for Undergraduate (REU) programs are conducted at many universities and national labs throughout the United States.  The National Science Foundation maintains a list.

In the past several years, WWU students have completed REU sessions at Kansas State, the Laboratory of Atmospheric and Space Physics, Loma Linda University, Princeton, Purdue, University of British Columbia, University of Florida, and the University of Washington.

Summer Research at WWU: 2015

Spencer Thorp continued work on Dr. Liebrand's solar project of adding water heating coils to a solar panel.  In the picture, the solar panel is underneath and the water fittings are on top and on the near side.

Summer Research at WWU: 2014

Rebekah Hawkins worked with Dr. Campbell on a her summer research project studying the dynamics of the alanine dipeptide molecule. The study of this simple biomolecule should shed light on the general problem of protein folding.  Techniques and methods learned during this study will be used to study larger polypeptides and proteins.  Rebekah gave a poster on her work at the Murdock Undergraduate Research Conference and at the LIGO Laser Symposium.

Summer Research at WWU: 2013

Dr. Liebrand supervised a research project for physics major Thomas Blum.  They are adding water heating coils to a solar cell to increase the overall energy collected from the sun.



Summer Research at WWU: 2010

Dr. Ekkens had two major projects going on during the summer of 2010.

  • Jeff Botimer worked on a Nanotechnology Lab improvement.  In addition to learning to layout circuit boards using EAGLE, he also build up several prototype scanning tunneling microscope heads to test better methods for course approach.  In the picture at the right, the final system - prototype 3 - is shown.
  • Jeff Peters worked on developing a new method for building junctions for Physical Electronics Lab.  In the past we have been limited to deposition of metal until silicon wafers.  Jeff worked on silicon deposition on silicon wafers.
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