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  Address Walla Walla University
Pharmacy Program
204 South College Avenue
College Place WA 99324
(509) 527-2041
(509) 527-2253
  Advisor Steven Lee

Pharmacy Advisement Guidebook

General Areas of Service: Pharmacists mix and dispense drugs for prescriptions and advise physicians about selection, dosages, interactions, and side effects of medication. They council patients about drug therapy programs, try to ensure that patients understand the instructions on their prescription, and order and maintain supplies of drugs and chemicals. This job requires good numerical and verbal abilities as well as attention to detail. Most pharmacists work in pharmacies. Others are employed by hospitals, the government, or companies that manufacture drugs and medicines.

Professional Training: A Doctor of Pharmacy degree and success on board examinations are required to practice as a pharmacist. Pharmacy schools usually require students to have a minimum of three years of undergraduate work before entering. Upon entering a pharmacy school, a student studies four years to complete the Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Students should consult with the college of pharmacy of their choice about exact course requirements. The following subjects are usually part of the college level courses required before entrance into a pharmacy school: mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, and English.

Last update on January 31, 2017