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28 Ways You Can Give

  1. Help us keep current by sending us information about yourself, your classmates or other alumni.
  2. Put WWU in your estate plans.
  3. Drink hot chocolate from WWU mugs and write with WWU pens. These items are available from the Barnes & Noble.
  4. Send us names of high school students you know who may be interested in quality Christian education.
  5. Become an Alumni Association officer.
  6. Have a copy of Bold Venture on your living room table, or give a copy to a friend.
  7. Make a stop at WWU when you're traveling anywhere near Walla Walla. Let us know you're coming.
  8. Visit Alumni and Advancement Services, 4th floor of the Administration Building.  Peruse our complete collection of Mt. Ash Annuals and sign the Belfry.
  9. Nominate a fellow alumnus for Alumni of the Year honors.
  10. Pray for the university.
  11. Send ideas for WWU publications, such as "Westwind" or the "Collegian."
  12. Provide funds for student or faculty research.
  13. Provide us information about student internships at your company.
  14. Contribute to a scholarship to help students who might otherwise not be able to come to WWU.
  15. Give financially to the university.
  16. Come to WWU for Alumni Homecoming, or visit your children during Family Weekend.
  17. Display a WWU sticker on your car.
  18. Take a prospective student of WWU out to dinner.
  19. Communicate with your former professors.
  20. Donate land to the university.
  21. Help organize and attend your Homecoming reunion.
  22. Donate clothes, hats, uniforms and other random things to wwuDrama.
  23. Ask for a faculty or staff member to speak at your professional organization.
  24. Tell us how we can help you.
  25. Donate or contribute to funding for a sculpture to help improve the campus aesthetically.
  26. Attend sporting events when WWU plays on the road near your home.
  27. Send a copy of a book or article you've published to 
  28. Ask your employer to match a gift or talk to us about setting up a matching gifts program where you work.
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