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The Vision of the Office of Diversity at Walla Walla University is to empower students of all backgrounds to utilize the full range of resources and opportunities at Walla Walla University in order to enrich their spiritual, personal, and intellectual growth. We envision an office that creates a positive climate for maintaining respectful relationships between students, faculty, administrative support staff and administration. This relationship will help maximize their academic experience and broaden their sense of possibility for a future productive life. The office is committed to providing services and activities to assist students in making informed educational decisions, as well as providing a nurturing environment for diversity in Christian unity.

The WWU Office of Diversity will assist in making a conscious and deliberate effort to be inclusive in every phase of campus life. Hence, appreciating, respecting, and valuing the gifts and talents of each student, faculty, staff, and administration; it will provide/coordinate programs, activities, and services that will foster Diversity in Christian Unity.

Dr. Pedrito Maynard-Reid



Nicole Reedy

Administrative Assistant

Last update on February 17, 2017